About Gabriel Botnick

I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio as the fourth generation in a family jewelry business.  From before I was a Bar Mitzvah, my father taught me the delicate work of jewelry design and repair - how to gently hold and care for things that are so precious to other people.  I continued working in jewelry until I was 28, when I decided to take on my life-long dream of becoming a rabbi (another family tradition).

When I entered rabbinical school, I fell even deeper in love with our Jewish tradition, but I felt something missing.  I missed the experience of working with my hands.  While living in Israel for my year abroad, I found a rabbi to teach me Brit Milah and everything it involves - the practical aspects (ma'aseh), the Jewish law involved (halakhah), and all of the necessary medical training (refu'ah).

I cannot wait to meet you and your baby boy, so we can work together to make this momentous event in your lives something joyous, memorable, meaningful, and spiritual.

Mazal Tov!