About Rabbi Botnick

I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio as the fourth generation in a family jewelry business.  From before I was a Bar Mitzvah, my father taught me the delicate work of jewelry design and repair - how to gently hold and care for things that are so precious to other people.  I continued working in jewelry until I was 28, when I decided to take on my life-long dream of becoming a rabbi (another family tradition).

However, being a rabbi wasn't enough for me - I missed working with my hands.  So, I found a rabbi in Israel to teach me the art of Brit Milah and everything it involves - the practical aspects (ma'aseh), the Jewish law involved (halakhah), and all of the necessary medical training (refu'ah).  I now serve as the rabbi of a wonderful community in Los Angeles and perform Brit Milah ceremonies for families all over Southern California whenever I can.

I cannot wait to meet you and your baby boy, so we can work together to make this momentous event in your lives something joyous, memorable, meaningful, and spiritual.

Mazal Tov!

Rabbi Gabriel Botnick